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We offer professional service with all parameters and features included. You need maps to the website or you need a super-complex app? We are ready to tackle it without a problem. Need something else? We can do it as well.We offer professional service with all parameters and features included. You need maps to the website or you need a super-complex app? We are ready to tackle it without a problem. Need something else? We can do it as well.

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I finally cloned my pussy! Here are all the tidbits…

You have all heard about Clone A Willy kit, using which you can quickly get a dildo in the exact shape and form of your beloved willy. But, to the uninitiated, let me present the Clone A Pussy kit! A DIY kit where you can make an undisputable clone of your pussy —that includes your skin’s delicate folds and textures!

In this article, I take you through this journey of cloning my pussy. I hope you all love it!

An introduction to this fantastic Clone A Pussy kit

Clone A Pussy, as the name suggests, is a DIY kit to create a replica of your pussy.

​​This product was invented by a company called Empire Labs in 1996 and was popularized mainly by word of mouth. Their high-quality molding components and premium materials initially targeted the adult entertainment industry, but they eventually opened their market to the average consumer. It must be noted that this kit ONLY replicates the exterior of your pussy and not your vagina.

Why do I adore this product?

As years went by, the Clone a Pussy kit became symbolic of owning up to your sexuality, eliminating the culture of slut shaming, and just a general representation of female empowerment.

Society generally favors men —they are congratulated if they have a high body count, others well understand them if they cheat, they do not encounter as much censorship and stigma as we women do, and they are celebrated every time they speak out about things. In contrast, women are expected to be silent and submissive.

Well —F**k that, I say! Why should male nipples be accessible while we have to censor ours?

Why can men openly talk about cumming and hooking up while women get judged the second they talk about anything remotely related to pleasure? Why are female bodies sexualized at every instant and never celebrated?

With the Clone A Pussy, female bodies are meant to be looked at with pride and confidence. For many of us who struggled with body image and fitting into traditional definitions of attractiveness, this Clone A Coochie kit represents us being proud of who we are and what we look like. It’s also fun to make and empowering as ever to look at.

Inside the box:

The entire kit comes in a white box with a pink flower in the front and the Clone A Pussy text in black running through the flower. Once you open the box, you will see that it has everything you need:

  • The mold
  • Alginate power that creates the impression of your vulva
  • Two tubs containing the silicone substances
  • A mixing stick.

Furthermore, you will also need a thermometer, measuring jug, a disposable mixing bowl for the ingredients, and a pair of scissors.

Cloning your pussy!

Before you begin, read the instructions thoroughly because the process is very time-sensitive once you start. I recommend you read it twice in detail and start the process with the instructions guiding you.

Although you can clone your pussy, getting your partner over would be a great help. This way, the procedure can be a fun couple activity.

Before you begin, assemble all the components mentioned above on a table.

  1. Pour ⅔ cup of warm water (about 90° F) into the mixing bowl.
  2. Cut open the bag of molding powder and mix it in the water for about 45 seconds.
  3. Pour the clumpy mixture into the molding scoop, fill it to the rim, and let it solidify.
  4. Get into a comfortable position, press the scoop against your vulva for 2-4 minutes and then carefully pull away the mold.
  5. Open the two jars of silicone and pour all of them into a disposable cup. You can use the wooden stick to scrape out the leftover contents of each jar.
  6. Stir the silicone for about 2 minutes until well mixed. Pour this mixture gently into your mold without spilling.
  7. Let the whole setup sit undisturbed for 24 hours before carefully removing your new replica from the mold.

The critical thing here is to pay attention to the time and ensure you are pressing down hard enough. The final product should look somewhat like a fleshlight.

A helpful tip is to do all this over a hard surface like a wooden floor to make cleanup easier. I wouldn’t recommend getting it on the carpet, as the lumpy white mixture seemed to be any fabric’s worst nightmare.

My Verdict

This Clone A Pussy from Twice Tonight has more meaning and symbolism than any random sex toy. This is what makes this review slightly different from my normal ones. I agree that all female sex toys play a huge role in female empowerment by de-stigmatizing our male-focused worldview. Still, the Clone a Pussy kit represents equity and sexual pride in its truest sense. For any woman who has had body image issues, especially regarding aesthetic expectations and personal definitions of their privates, the Clone A Pussy is a fantastic way to throw all of that away and express love for yourself just the way you are.

The entire kit is an excellent product containing simple, straightforward instructions to clone your pussy. I would recommend this to adult women of all age groups and backgrounds. You’re going to thank me later.

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