6 Best Online Kratom Vendor in 2021

Want the best Kratom that the nature has to offer? No worries. Here’s a list of the best online Kratom vendors who are just a click away!

With the passing time people are learning about the benefits that Kratom provides. Eventually leading to its high-demand and increase in the number of sellers and vendors. Choosing the ‘legit’ one has always been a tough job but hope this list of the best Kratom vendors online will be a Kratom in disguise!

  1. BKN (Bulk Kratom Now)

Bulk Kratom Now, as they say, is not your typical bulk online kratom vendor. And they are right, as you can see BKN perfectly topped our list! They aim at providing the best Kratom, from the smallest purchase to bulky orders in affordable price. Their arrival in the market in 2020 took everyone by awe.

All their products are lab tested. They surely know how to keep their customers happy and satisfied by their 30-day refund policy. This policy includes sending opened or unopened product back. Yes, opened too! Isn’t it so reassuring? Their voice mirrors the sheer confidence they have in their quality and are open to back their products.

They take pride in the diverse range of Kratom they offer! BKN carry over 30 different strains of powder and capsules.

With owners who have been in the Kratom industry since 2014, BKN surely understands their buyers’ needs, wants and price-points. And guess what? Every time you pay by e-check, you automatically receive an additional 10% off your order at checkout. What!

Want best quality Kratom source with a huge range of strains to choose from within affordable price? Worry not! BKN Kratom is at your service. It is definitely worth a shot, which won’t disappoint you.

  1. The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk is one of the reputable Kratom vendors in the market. They are approved with the American Kratom Association GMP Program. They claim that their products go through 6 lab tests per ton.

Their same day shipping policy is amazing! Your order will be shipped the same day, if placed before 2:00 PM P.S.T.

TGM is consistent with its high quality kratom strains. They keep a constant check on their authenticity and customer needs.

Wonder why they are one of the bests. Here it is: Along with being a high quality, authentic Kratom vendor they keep a check on their price too, and if you are ordering for more than once, surprise awaits you! Yes, you guessed it right. Discounts!

However, few of the negative customer reviews of infected Kratom products are disheartening and might keep us on the edge. Still their promise to provide high-quality Kratom in customer friendly price with discounts, often makes us go gaga.

  1. Mitragaia

Mitragaia is considered to be one of the oldest and best kratom vendors online, which came into the field in 2015. It has a wide range of kratom products in capsules, powder and tea extracts ranging from Gold kratom to Maeng da Kratom to white, Red, yellow kratom.

They too have an amazing same-day shipping policy, all you need to do is ordering in one of the business days (Monday to Saturday) before 3pm.

However, one of the cons is Mitragaia Kratom capsules are only available in 1-kilogram packs, no less. It is quite unreasonable for the capsule lovers to buy 2000 pills at one go. Whereas BKN offers smaller orders too with high quality. Unlike BKN, Mitragaia only ships within North America.

Although, there replacement policy is very efficient and avoids unnecessary hustles. Mitragaia’s website is user friendly, interactive and your high quality Kratom is just a click away. So, why wait?

  1. Coastline Kratom

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had your own kratom plant? Wonder no more! They have live Rifat and Malay strain kratom plants which is just a click away until you have your own endless Kratom supply. And added: money back guarantee!

They have a fast shipping policy and came a long way in their journey with Kratom. They assist their customers in the right path. There consistent and responsive nature makes them an instant standout.

Again, what makes them a bit laid back when it comes to the customers is the pricing. No wonder their quality of Kratom is high but so is their price. And money does matter! They have pure imported Kratom, but they don’t do a big range. Whereas in BKN Kratom supplier you get a wide range of strains which is pocket-friendly too, under one roof!

But it won’t harm having one’s own Kratom plant. Right?

  1. Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy is another place to buy Kratom online. They have a wide range of Kratom strains at reasonable doses. They are offering some of the highest quality and most popular Kratom options around.

The website is very user friendly. They have fast and cheap shipping policies with a 100% money-back guarantee. There’s been some issues going on with the credit card processor, though it seems that they have started sorting out things for good.

Added perk: Their “Kratom Crazy Club”, a customer loyalty program that will issue you discount coupon codes on your subsequent purchases. Their strong philosophy, hard work, consistency makes them an exclusive online store for kratom.

  1. Krabot

Krabot is another online store for Kratom. It is famous as an outstanding provider of premium Kratom from the South-eastern parts of Asia.

It offers an array of interesting products to choose from, it might be confusing but worth it. All products are available in both forms, powder, and capsules. They offer same day shipping on most items and their customer services are commendable. The products are relatively expensive, but they keep on introducing coupon codes for discounts. They have Starter packs for the new consumers. To facilitate the customers, Krabot has different packaging sizes. They also prepare blends from combining different strains. For those who are super crazy over Kratom, they can order their Kratom soap. How captivating!

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